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What we do

We are specialized in components, software and services for scientific applications, mainly in the field of surface science and we are focussing on tools for high resolution low energy electron diffraction.

Who we are

Dr. Peter Kury (*1973) worked in his master's as well as in his PhD thesis in surface science, and specialized in high resolution low energy electron diffraction (SPA-LEED) , low energy electron microscopy (LEEM) and the determination of mechanical stresses in (sub-)monolayer films (SSIOD). He has published 14 peer-reviewed papers in renowned journals (h-index 8), in addition to more than 40 conference talks and poster contributions (SFB616, ECOSS, LEEM/PEEM, DPG spring meeting, etc.); the most recent was on the SPA-LEED workshop 2018.

He developed the SPA-LEED software WinSPA and - if time allows - he likes to build loudspeaker systems, improve his 8" field Maksutov telescope or to play bass guitar.

Apart from sound knowledge in surface science, electronics and vacuum technology, he has almost 30 years of experience in computer programming, and more than 10 years of experience as a project lead of complex development projects at ThyssenKrupp Steel and Siemens Energy/Power&Gas; especially considering Lean R&D, Agile development, SixSigma and Design to Cost (DtC). Furthermore, he is inventor or co-inventor of more than 30 patent applications.

At out-of-the-box systems he is one of the two managing partners, and responsible for "research and development" and "system design and assembly".

Dirk Hänsel (Jg. 1974) is an electrical engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) and holds an MBA in general management of ISM Dortmund / USB Stellenbosch. The analysis of power supply modules under evaluation of program-controlled power parameters was subject of his electrical engineering thesis. As a broadening of the economic competency he investigated the O2 pressure chamber in clinical use and competition in his MBA thesis.

He has a "hands on" mentality and did all electrical installations in his own house. According to the motto "failure is not an option" he always finds a solution. With his motorboat on the waters in Brandenburg he gets his recreational moments.

After successful training as an electrician and subsequent studies in electrical engineering, he started his professional career at Siemens AG. He has more than 20 years of experience as project lead and line manager at Siemens Mobile, BenQ Mobile and Siemens Energy/Power&Gas as well as a thorough knowledge on development and realization of digital and mixed signal circuits up to the UHF range.

At out-of-the-box systems he is one of the two managing partners, and responsible for "operations" and "embedded software".

Both share their work in the fields of “continous improvement and R&D efficiency“ and „electronics design“.

How we do it

Our work is devoted to the creation of tools for scientific research, that combine

  • innovative (or: lateral) concepts with
  • a solid and robust implementation,
in other words: Think out of the box


Perform out of the box

We are not creating "me too" products, but rather strive for a reinvention of each product we develop in terms of performance, quality, cost, usability, long-term value and robustness.

Having said that, we also believe strongly in the importance of the concept of systems because in most modern products the main goal is not the optimization of single parts anymore, but rather on the interaction of complex subassemblies with each other, the user, software and many other entities.

As a summary of the above mentioned characteristics of our daily work, we could not imagine a better name - that grasps all these aspects - for our company than out-of-the-box systems

It goes without saying that innovative product development is based on established methods such as TRIZ, QFD, Kano, SWOT, etc.; they are complemented with a formal reliability and risk management based on FMEA and FTA.