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How can we support your research & development?

Complex products, be it state-of-the-art analytical equipment or sophisticated software solutions, could be significantly degraded, if the support during the product's lifecycle can not match the quality of the product itself.

product life cycle

Whether an initial training for the customer is not provided, or spare parts of a mature product become unavailable: Significant additional effort and/or money may be required to simply reach the initial functionality again.

As our self-conception, we see us as your natural partner in providing service and support for our products, encompassing the whole product lifecycle from cradle to grave.

The four main areas, we offer services for, are:

  • Lifecycle support for our own products
    User's training, regular maintenance, repairs, upgrades etc.
  • Lifecycle support for heritage SPA-LEED systems
    Repairs, refurbishments and upgrades.
  • Customer specific solutions
    Unique applications that require tailored software or hardware solutions.
  • Joint product development
    Do you have an idea that might be interesting for other users as well? Let's implement it together!

We despise planned obsolescence and artificial service hurdles. Furthermore, we disagree with the common approach in software industry to sell bug-fixes of a software as if they were product improvements. Instead, we believe that a good support is securing the long-term value of the product.

PERFORM out of the box

Take our word: You can safely rely on our products and support in order to focus fully on your research.